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10-13-2009 06:53 PM
Rob Williams Without understanding the specifics of each model, I can't confidentally recommend one over another. The "Upgraded" version would be the Bamboo Fun Medium, although the regular Bamboo might suit you fine. Its main caveat looks to be its smaller size, but that might not matter to you. If you take art seriously, I highly recommend springing for at least a Medium size.
10-12-2009 05:29 PM
TrixyStarz Thanks for the help. I've been going around in local stores asking if they're able to get it. Just seems like "Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet" isn't enough information, any idea what the "product number" or so is? Also is there any of the newer once you could suggest? I myself think Wacom's website is pretty messy >.<
I can't find my way through it. What might be the "upgraded" one from the one in the review?
10-10-2009 03:26 PM
Rob Williams It looks like Wacom has been very busy with product launches since we first posted our review. I can't even find this exact model being sold anymore, so I'm not sure how much luck you'll have in finding it. Looking at the company's website, the Bamboo Fun looks nothing like the model we reviewed, and it's seemingly more expensive as well. The size we reviewed is "Medium", but we also noted that as being a $100 product, but I can't see that being reflected anywhere, either.

Since this review, Wacom has followed-up with other lines... Bamboo Pen, Bamboo Touch and even Bamboo Craft. You might want to go over their site and feature lists to make sure you get the one that's right for you. If one thing's for certain, any of them are going to be quality. We've constantly been impressed by every product they've sent us.
10-10-2009 01:00 PM

I'm planning on getting a "Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet" the one that was shown in the article looks great for me, anyone know where I could find one exactly like it?
Or tell me what size an so that one is there.
12-21-2008 11:55 PM
madstork91 I would assume that the problem is coming from the tablets pen. (i.e. mechanical)

I dont have drivers installed atm for my wacom, and it still performs well. The buttons on the pen and tablet dont though.
12-18-2008 01:51 AM
Kougar If the cursor is twitching/jerking on its own, then it might be signal interference. A friend of mine had this issue with her old wacom after she moved... bought a new one, same problem. Finally a friend of hers brought their own tablet to her place, and it started giving the same symptoms. This friend then took the wacom and her machine home with her and the problem didn't occur, it was location specific.

Signal interference/EMI isn't that uncommon unfortuantely, but as Rob said contacting support is the best option. The Wacom people eventually ran out of things to try and concluded it was an EMI issue for the friend of mine, before she found a friend that could help prove the theory.
12-17-2008 10:05 PM
Rob Williams You might be better off contacting the official customer support... the device shouldn't be jerky at all. It's unlikely to be the driver, but something that could have been shook up in the device itself.
12-16-2008 06:13 AM
Anon Whenever I use my tablet, it's a little jerky. Is this because I haven't installed drivers properly?

Oh and theres that 'handwriting recgonition' thing that just won't go away. How do I get rid of it?
05-08-2008 04:05 PM
Matt Serrano The Bamboo doesn't have the tracing feature that the old Graphire did, no.
05-07-2008 12:16 PM
Rob Williams
Originally Posted by Cat View Post
Does Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium allow for tracing? As in physically laying a drawing atop the tablet as was possible with the Graphire?
Hmm, that's a good question. I'll see if Matt still has this kicking around and ask him. As for the higher-end models, they do have more pressure-points, but for many people it might not be such a big deal. They might be more useful to those who spend days, not hours, on art.

Originally Posted by slugbug View Post
My niece is taking a graphic arts course and asked me recently if I could find her a deal on one of those Wacom Bamboo tablets. I think she was looking for a larger sized one though.
Well to be honest, I think Wacom tablets in general are well worth the cash for those who will use them often. It's far more natural to draw with a pen than a mouse, so the unit more than pays for itself right away.
05-06-2008 04:11 PM
slugbug My niece is taking a graphic arts course and asked me recently if I could find her a deal on one of those Wacom Bamboo tablets. I think she was looking for a larger sized one though.
05-06-2008 01:04 PM
Cat I do digital art, and have been looking for the right graphics tablet for ages.

If I could, I'd naturally grab an Intuos right away... But finances, are, even at the level of a Wacom Bamboo Fun, quite stretched.

I asked around about Graphire 4 and Bamboo Fun to figure out which would be better for me, and it seems the Bamboo Fun doesn't exactly cost a lot more either way and has far more features... And some people who say Graphire4 seems to be more for artists (as in the drawing type, etc etc) seem to be proven wrong by the majority of those who don't.

Yet, the question that's haunting me:

Does Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium allow for tracing? As in physically laying a drawing atop the tablet as was possible with the Graphire?
11-27-2007 12:45 AM
GeekGirl You get all the fun toys
Nice review, I can't believe you gave out a 10!
11-21-2007 05:01 AM
madstork91 I susspect the large version will be wireless.

Also your connection problems may be related to plugging the tablet in after the computer starts. The drivers (which I assume are near identical to the graphite I own) tend to be a lil temperamental with having the thing plugged in at start up.

From working with some people recently, if you like to draw A LOT and you want a way to do this digitally, these wacom tablets are a def must. Some of the concept art I have been modeling from recently was created using a wacom, and they are awesome! There is a definitive wall broken through when you begin to use one well, and using it well will take some getting used to.

comments on the bamboo itself:

The graphites came with a plastic casing that went over the top of them that you could place a photo or something underneath to edit/trace. This was actually a pretty popular feature. 0.o not sure whats up with the bamboo on this one.

4 button better than the 2 on the graphite? Iunno. I find myself simply hitting the keyboard for buttons. This may be because I am used to it, and it may be because if you only had 2-4 buttons to set in photoshop, what would you set them to?

Zoom wheel? ZOMG! The best feature in the bamboo in my greatly valid opinion. On these tablets you will find yourself zooming in an out a lot. The graphite's scroll wheel won't be missed.
11-21-2007 01:41 AM
Rob Williams
Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet

Wacom rarely release new products, however last month saw the launch of the Bamboo and Bamboo Fun tablets. We are taking a look at the latter, which is designed not for professional artists, but casual users who want to get more out of their PC. Have Wacom impressed us once again?

You can read Matt's full review here and discuss it here!

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