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10-01-2009 04:53 AM

Saw this PSU and wanted to say that one of the good things about it is that it has a -5 rail. For people who still had old motherboards in 2006/2007, this was a good buy for them. Believe it or not, a few rare motherboards that're newer (2+ years ago) still used the -5 rail, but none of the motherboards that I know of in the past few years use it. They all generate it onboard using -12 i think.

I have an old motherboard that still uses the -5v rail and I wanted to use this old system several more months while I store enough money away to get a new system. (i'm wondernig whether my old system will last that long as I found 3 capacitors that are corroded slightly on top, but i have no idea how long it has been that way... this motherboard is 8 years old.. sadly, i've only ever used generic cheap psu's (<$20) and that probably hasn't helped) I was hoping that I could find a PSU that will work with an old motherboard AND a new motherboard. Well, atleast work with a new motherboard temporarily. It's a stopgap measure on my part. One of the best PSU's out there for a midrange build is the CORSAIR 450 CX. That thing sexy, but I don't want to blow the money i have on a new system yet.
06-02-2007 03:11 PM
madmat The fan faces down. Ultra put the stickers on the other side so it's not so ugly in windowed cases.
05-31-2007 11:16 PM
ghowthoo hey guys!

heres another stupid question about this PSU.

Which way is up? haha... should the fan be pointing down toward the case or up toward the case? I am pretty sure its pointing down but then I read some thread saying it should be up.... saying stuff like the fan will be sucking in hot air from the bottom into the PSU components and things of that nature.

but then again most cases/PSU only allow you to fit it a certain way... in this case, the PSU fits onto my case with the fan pointing down... if this is the correct position I am wondering why the stickers with the STATS of the PSU is on the wrong side? my case opens from the left side but with the the way this PSU is installed, the stickers will be facing the right side - torward a wall - if this makes any sense. hehe... trivial i know but i thought i'd ask anyway.
05-27-2007 04:18 PM
ghowthoo awesome!

thanks for the reply madmat. =)
05-27-2007 04:03 AM
madmat Yeah, it should have no problem powering that machine. It's a good little PSU and I think you can pick one up for $49.99 right now at TigerDirect.
05-27-2007 03:37 AM
ghowthoo Hey guys!

Will this PSU work well to powering a PCI-E ATI X1950PRO 256MB or 512MB video card?... considering it uses one 12V rail instead of two or however that works... =) I was skimming through a PSU 101 thread somewhere telling me AMPs was a big factor in PSU these days in powering power hungry machines and whatnot.

The summary was good, it said it would be a good PSU to power a C2D and a 8800 video card so im assuming that would be enough to power my system below. =)

AMD Athlon X2 3800+
Asus Mobo
2 gigs dual channel DDR2 675
ATI X1950PRO 256MB/512MB version
2 ultra ata100 hard drives
16x dvd drive

tada! =)
03-22-2007 12:18 PM
Ultra x-connect 600w

ok Amigo .. ill check it out thanks a lot for info
03-22-2007 08:04 AM
madmat Well, if you like the black Flex-Force cables with the Ultra then you'll love the Corsair, it uses the same type of cables so it'll fit right in. They're black as well.
03-22-2007 02:29 AM
Ultra 600w x-connect

ohh ok ok madmat ... so u dont recomend it to me .. ok .. then lets talk no more about it ... if my PSU will dont support it .. then i wont use it .. thanks a lot for info mat .. ill look for another PSU then

thanks for everything.
03-22-2007 02:26 AM

Hello again .. yes .. it doesnt have 2 cables for PCI-E .. but i send ULTRA guys a mail to see if they can sell me one ... i mean i can buy one but blue green or orange .. im looking for a black one tho .. the original black .. cause all my case is black inside .. so .. im looking for the black original PCI-E connector hope they can sell me one .. or .. someone here can sell me one ??
if yes .. ill send payment .

thanks again all for fast reply
03-21-2007 10:35 PM
madmat No, it doesn't have SLI or Crossfire cables. As I said you'd have to use the adapter but I really would advise against using it for X1900 Crossfire as it only has a 35A 12V rail.

For that I'd suggest something along the lines of the Corsair HX620W.
03-21-2007 05:38 PM
X-CONNECT xvs 600w

im considering using X1900 on cross fire .

right now i have the x1900 crossfire edition
and i want to get the x1900 xt or xtx

but my real question is regarding the power supply ... do have that PSU with crossfire or Sli ?
03-21-2007 02:15 PM
madmat What cards are you considering getting? You'd have to use the included molex to PCI-e adapters that come with your cards but for everything but the X1900 series and 7900GTX series and up cards you should be fine.
03-21-2007 01:29 PM
Ultra XVS X-connect 600w on Sli - Crossfire ?

i have this PSU and so far is working good .. but .. have anyone of u tried buying cables and tried to use a sli or Crossfire ?

i would like to know cause i want to upgrade to crossfire

so i was wondering in buying connectors for PSU ... otherwise i will need to get a new PSU =(

if someone had tried this PSU with Sli or CrossFire !! please let me know

02-01-2007 12:06 AM
Rob Williams
Ultra XVS 600W Power Supply

So, you're on a budget and shopping for a new power supply. You want a decent wattage and a modular cable setup but don't have much to spend? There are a few choices that might suit you, today we look at an offering from Ultra and see if it has what it takes to garner your hard earned dollars.

You can read the full review here and discuss it here!

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