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Rob Williams 05-01-2012 03:04 PM

Blizzard to take 15% from player-to-player sales
I admit that I am not 100% sure how the auction house in Diablo III is going to work, but it seems if a player wants to sell a regular item to another player, Blizzard will take $1 from the sale. For things like stackable items, that fee rises a bit to 15% of the total sale.

It's going to be really, really interesting to see how the game is going to fare with this mechanic. I think it has its advantages, but overall I don't really like the idea of in-game sales being a part of a game like this.

Kayden 05-01-2012 03:12 PM

I'll be the first to say this, WHAT THE FUCK?!? I will never use that god damn thing, that is fucking bull shit. It's god damn virtual items that should have value in game only, not the real world for them to take a cut. Wish I would have fucking know that before I bought it today. Dammit.

EDIT: I've said it before and I'll said it again, Blizzard has gotten fucking greedy since they got bought up by Activision. Take a look at Star Craft 2, it's still 60 fucking dollars and it's almost 2 years old!

Damn, I just spent all my prepaid curse words out of the curse jar for this week on this one thread today. Rob this is your fault!

EDIT2: Where's marfig when you need him to say something profound?!?

Tharic-Nar 05-01-2012 05:10 PM

Get's better too, you have to pay PayPal on top of that if you want to take the cash out of the game, otherwise you can put it forward to your account, with like a WoW sub...

I've really got nothing to say with this. I'm just going to shake my head and close the page.

Doomsday 05-01-2012 06:25 PM

I'm just gonna play for the story and hack n slash Diablo fun! If i ever get a hint of being sucked into these things I'll remove D3 from my system and say FUCK U to Blizzard! :D

marfig 05-01-2012 06:55 PM

Feels cold outside, dontit? That's a blizzard.

Nothing much to add to what you already said, Kayden. I wished I had said it myself. My mood is the same.

Blizzard real money auction house was created with the intent to end the Asian trade business. It's so predatory this move from Blizzard that they even announced the Asia servers will be the only ones that won't have a real money auction house. It's insane how pretentious this company has become, to the point it makes features available on a regional basis just because they can. To that note however, Korea actually demanded the removal of the Auction house since it goes against their anti-gambling laws. I wished more countries (including the USA and Great Britain) had such laws that don't allow the mixing of entertainment gaming and gambling.

The biggest concern here is that for the first time a major game studio has explicitly allowed the trading of game items with real-money between players. To the point that they actually coded a game feature to handle it. This is so morally and fundamentally wrong, I have trouble formulating my opinion. But not happy with that, we learn they actually established a revenue source from it, turning Blizzard into a casino business and Diablo III into a gambling experience. One that is actually illegal in some European countries.

Blizzard is today one of the most damaging companies in the industry. Forget EA, forget Ubisoft. All they do is talk, poor ports and annoying DRMs. That's nothing, guys. Really. That's nothing. Activision Blizzard is acting on a whole different level. It's changing the landscape of video gaming and bringing it into a whole new level where the discussion of ethics in the video gaming market becomes a meaningful debate. When before all you had where moms arguing about violence, and being mostly ignored, now you risk gaming associated with gambling and players associated with gamblers and debatable practices for a 15 year old. It's the perfect environment for government legislation (and understandably so, I must add!) of a market that until now was pretty much free of it.

Hell, does anyone in here think I would ever allow my daughters to play Diablo II nowI? Like me there are many concerned parents. But unlike me they don't have a clue what's going on.

Doomsday 05-04-2012 01:39 PM

Wow! Marfig really pointed stuff out! I never thought about these things!

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