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Rob Williams 09-20-2005 08:21 PM

AMD64 3700+ San Diego S939 2.2GHz
Need a CPU and want the best bang for your buck? Today, we are taking a look at the 3700+ San Diego core AMD64. It rolls in at a 2.2GHz stock speed and is also equipped with 1MB L2 Cache. The chip costs around $275US, but does does it give enough extra performance to warrent the extra money over a Venice core?

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Regeneration 09-20-2005 11:03 PM

Nice review dude.
AMD is the best!

Greg King 09-21-2005 02:09 AM

Rob did quite a bit as well but thank you. I love this proc. I appreciate your kind words.

And I agree....AMD is tops!

Unregistered 10-20-2005 12:19 AM

3700+ Sd
I reckon that extra L2 cache will come in handy as the 64 software progresses and becomes more developed-mainstream, but hey, by then 1000kb of L2 will be stock and things will be looking even better,,lol.

And so on,,the future looks good :)

Looking forward to the AMD vs INTEL, if Intel accepts.


Rob Williams 10-20-2005 11:26 AM

Well, since AMD outsold Intel in the last little bit, it looks like we are winning :D

AgentMeister 11-07-2005 11:08 PM

Truly, one sweet bang 4 the buck
Having that 3700+ Sandy inside your rig is a wise choice. OCing to the level of the FX-55 for less dollars and getting that performance is really great. I'm moving from my ol' reliable Socket-A to 939 and definitively that Sandy is my choice.


Rob Williams 11-08-2005 12:20 AM

Agent, I agree that the 3700+ is a damn sweet choice. You *may* want to consider an Opteron 144 or 146 in your decision though. They also have 1MB of Cache, and are very common to overclock past 3.0GHz stable on air or water.

Either way, they both are kick ass chips.

Unregistered 12-17-2005 07:49 AM

Review feedback
I would have liked to see how this chip compares with the 3800+ Venice and the gaming framerate tests seem to have been left out. Nonetheless, a good concise review.

Greg King 12-18-2005 12:00 AM

The 3800+ is a full 200 MHz faster than the 3700+.

Video cards play a larger role in frame rates than the CPU, thats why I didnt include them. I did however include bench results from benchmarks that give an accurate reading on the CPU's power.

Unregistered 12-18-2005 11:02 AM

You have a point, but I have read on many forums that overclocked the 3700+ with its 1MB cache competes very well with the 3800+. I think many people like me, trying to decide between these two cpus would benefit from a tested performance comparison.

Greg King 12-18-2005 05:14 PM

Yes, I would like to see a comparison as well. The Venice and San Diego cores are both great. Since that review, I have been able to get up to 2.9 GHz so I am impressed with the results of this core (it's amazing what a nice PSU will do for you.) If you are torn between the two chips, by all means, get the cheaper of the two as the extra 512 of L2 doesnt make that much differance.

therealjoe 04-12-2006 01:12 PM

just buy the 3700 its cheeper i cant wait to get mine fired up di you have watercooling when you overclocked it or did you just have heatsink and fan?

Greg King 04-12-2006 01:54 PM

When I got up to 2.9 GHz, I was on air. I also had the window open and it was winter so I was getting really cheap, high performance cooling out of a Thermaltake Blue Orb II.

Es4x 08-13-2006 02:12 PM

If you actually look on toms, the 3700+ on stock is better then the 3800+ on stock by quite a bit, overclocking the 3700 to 2.6ghz they showed it, it was like 140.9 fps on 3700+ 102.8 on the 3800+. My conclusion, 3700>3800

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