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Rob Williams 11-16-2007 02:24 AM

AGEIA Unveils PhysX APEX Development Components
From our front-page news:
Since AGEIA first stepped onto the scene, we've obsessively covered every move they've made in hopes that they would finally leave their mark on the gaming landscape with their physics processor. To date, that has not yet happened, but things are looking good for the near-future. Following the recent acquisition of Havok by Intel, AGEIA know that they need to push harder than ever to get into developers code.

The APEX platform is designed to help them achieve that goal.APEX consists of three components that give developers total control over the scalability of PhysX capabilities in their games, regardless of platform. At current time, APEX is included as a standard feature with Unreal Engine III, but is currently unavailable in other engines at this time. In the future, AGEIA have plans to market APEX separately, likely to be bundled with the PhysX source code, which can all be added to an engine of the developers choice. Whether this will help AGEIA is yet to be seen, but I'm fairly certain it won't hurt.

Santa Clara, Calif. - November 15, 2007- AGEIA(TM) Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, today announced the introduction of the AGEIA Adaptive Physics EXtensions(TM) (APEX(TM)) Development Platform. AGEIA APEX provides game designers, developers and modders with a series of PhysX asset libraries and tools which help streamline the implementation of best-in-class in-game physics.

Source: AGEIA Press Release

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