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Rob Williams 09-29-2008 04:23 PM

Corsair Releases 64GB Voyager Flash Drive
From our front-page news:
Just earlier, I posted about storage in hard drives, and how today, you get so much for so little. Well, the same goes for portable storage, and in the case of Corsair's latest Voyager flash drive, that fact couldn't be any more true. The new model features a staggering 64GB worth of space, which is enough to hold a few full-resolution Blu-ray movies... incredible.

The new model carries an SRP of $249.99, but it shouldn't since that's not the price it's being sold at. NewEgg carries the drive and is selling for $199.99, which, unless it's changed the last time I checked, is still far less than $249.99. Normally, larger models like this come with a premium, but this one doesn't - the 32GB models are selling for $109.99, so you actually get more GB for your dollar with the bigger model.

There is absolutely no performance information on the new model, and chances are, it's probably for a reason. Generally speaking, when you add more storage to a similarly-sized device, speeds are going to decrease, but the fact remains... if you need a lot of storage in the smallest space possible, how can you go wrong with something like this?

Thanks to the 64GB USB Flash Voyager, users now have the ultimate solution for storing, transporting and backing up large amounts of personal and professional data. With storage capacity that just a year ago could only be found in hard drives, the 64GB USB Flash Voyager drive also provides the added ruggedness, water resistance and performance not found in storage drives utilizing rotating media.

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