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Rob Williams 08-10-2010 01:53 AM

The Future of the Web? No Anonymity
There seems to be a billion different perspectives on what the future of the Web is going to be, but according to Google's ever-vocal CEO, Eric Schmidt, the future is... with a total lack of anonymity. A comment like this from Mr. Schmidt of course comes as no surprise, as it was also him who once said that if you wanted privacy, you probably had something to hide.

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madstork91 08-23-2010 10:17 AM

Youre damn right I've got something to hide! ME!

As for this... America will sadly do something like SK did under the guise of "security" which is a "real ID"

Consequently SK's number one crime is internet fraud and scams since everyone essentially has their real information connected to everything they do online.

b1lk1 09-10-2010 08:05 AM

OK, just saw this and it is my turn to drag it up from the dead. I don't believe we have the "right" to privacy or anonymity. We should have the expectation of privacy but no expectation of anonymity. I do not want my life on the WWW so I do not post it there. Even my Facebook account has the bare minimum of info and such and I really only use it to upload a few pictures to share with my family. I don't use it to blog and I cannot even remember the last time I posted there.

If people want privacy, DON'T POST PERSONAL INFO ONLINE!!! As for anonymity, there is no need for it unless you are planning to do something anti-social or illegal. I'm not afraid of Big Brother looking at my browser cache, although I say good luck in getting my permission to access it.

Some day, Internet neutrality and privacy will not exist. Anyone that believes otherwise is just kidding themselves.

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