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werty316 04-30-2006 12:25 AM

Evercool VC-RE Cooler
I was wondering if anyone know of any Canadian online dealers that sells Evercool VC-RE Cooler.

I am currently using a Zalman NB47J fanless chipset cooler but I want to get this cooler to put on my NF4 board so I could get a Arctic Cooling NV5 for my VGA cooler so it doesn't get in the way of the chipset cooler.

EDIT: Never mind; NCIX has got them on the 27th so its all good now.

Also this is great cooler for anyone with a NF4 board and you want to use an alternate to teh stock loud fan, get on eof these.

Jakal 04-30-2006 06:45 PM

This is an awesome heatsink for you're NF4 board! I've just acquired one last week and practically rebuilt my pc after installing it. My northbridge was sitting anywhere between 40-50c before and with this sink, EVEN with 2 7800GTs which have AC5s, the chip is between 37-45. That's with the side on and at 1.65v. It's got 2 LEDs one red and one blue. The way I mounted mine, the blue one shines between the two video cards. Giving it a nice compliment to the other blue LED fans I have.

It was a sinch to install, too. I just took of the old one cleaned the chip with some alcohol, applied some AS5 to the top and lined up a pin in the mounting hole. I had to give a bit of force to get the other one to line up, but it wasn't too bad. Then just pushed both pins through the board and plugged it in.

This is an excellent addition to any NF4 board. Mine was $12 even with shipping. Adding this in gave me a chance to rerun all the wires and give the case a cleaner feel.

Sorry for the quality, I'm borrowing a 3mp camera from a friend. :o

werty316 04-30-2006 07:07 PM

Very nice and clean cable management Jakal. I currently have a Zalman NB47J fanless cooler but if I want to get a Arctic Cooling NV5 the Zalman cooler would get in the way. I did some thinking and might get the Evercool and a NV5 or not get them since everything is running nice and cool.

Jakal 05-01-2006 06:15 PM

Yeah man, if your pc isn't getting out of spec in temps, then I wouldn't bother. Mine is oc'd 24/7 so keeping temps down is a must. Prolonged lifespan. That cooler you've got isn't bad, and I've seen people bend the pins so that a vid card will fit. Even spreading the pins out would increase the effectiveness.

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