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Hey guys,
I've been searching around for a new headset and I saw a lot of the reviews here so I decided to stop buy. I too was a Logitech Premium 350 user but that has gone awry for me. I used to have my ears hurt after a while, but i guess i just got used to it. My problem with them was the connections on the wires. I have had them around 7-8 months now and I am only getting sound in the right earphone and my mic is really staticky. I have figured out that it is the connection to the microphone mute button on the wire, and with some searching I have found out that the 350s have had a problem with the wire connections coming loose over time. I was wondering if you had heard anything over extended periods of use for this headset about the connections for the wires coming loose and loosing usability from it.

Thanks for your time
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