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Originally Posted by Buck-O View Post
THis phrase conscerns me.

You mention "with and without the bass and treble enabled". This statement confuses the HELL out of me.

They are on On/Off buttons. In that you turn on "treble" and suddenly the treble is improved.
If Altec stays true to their former designs, and i cant see why not...pushing the button activates the adjustment feature for that tone. For example...

You push the treble button, it lights up...
THen you adjust the volume knob...and the volume lights display the level of adjusment for that tone range, from 0 to 100%.
Then after you have adjusted it to the desired level, you push the button again to cancel the adjusment mode, and go back to normal volume mode.

Perhaps the reviewer understood this...and just didnt convey it properly.

But given teh quality of Altec Lancings speakers (i happen to own a pair, and have owned several), it seems silly for me to think that they sounded as bad as they did.

For myself personally, i find that altering the sound useing Loud options, and "sfx" options, isnt an option. But then again im a bit of an audio whore, so perhaps im not the best to say one way or the other. But for me, i dont like them.
Hehe, I got the sense the reviewer doesn't know much about audio, too. Apparently, the "loud" button switches an EQ circuit in the speakers that mostly emphasizes highs and lows (aka. "The Disco Smile"). All consumer audio speakers have similar adjustments on by default to get that "wow factor." It seems that these speakers are set flat by default, which is nice in my opinion. If someone needs to hear accurate audio, whether by personal preference or because he's mixing/recording, it's nice to have that option. (However, if you really want to do recording, go for studio monitors rather than consumer speakers.)

The difference here is similar to video monitors; rich colors and high contrasts are best for entertainment, but accurate colors are more important for work and video/photo editing.
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