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"Then you adjust the volume knob...and the volume lights display the level of adjusment for that tone range, from 0 to 100%."

You know... I did not know that actually, which is apparently why I did not notice a difference. I figured the control was being "simple" with me, but apparently not.

As for speaker placement, I don't have much room in here, so the speakers were not that well placed. The woofer was directly in front of me, and the speakers were on each side of the television.

Despite the Treble issues, the Loud button did take care of everything in my opinion. I'm not concerned really with "what" it does, but the fact is I noticed a very noticeable difference with it, and wouldn't change much beyond that point.


You are right, almost all my headphones/speakers in my house have such options. And.. with every one of them, I tend to enable the feature. It was the same thing with my Turtle Beach HPA headphones. They sound fine without adjustments, but taking advantage of the amplifier make a big difference.

As for me not knowing much about audio. There's probably a reason why we are not known as Audiogage :-)

No doubt with the way Buck-O rides our asses with each and every audio review, they can only get better. ;-)
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