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Hey, come on now Rob.

I dont think i did to much ass riding on this one. I was just pointing out some truths about the product that you may have been misinformed abiout or missunderstood. (tisk tisk, thats why they have manuals)

I have since listened to these speakers, and am fairly impressed with their performance. The sub woofer does provide relatively aqccurate bass, but as is a problem with speaker sets like these, the satalites often do not provide enough mid-range punch to allow the sub to actually be a "sub". WHich causes it to get a bit thuddy in higher frequency bass hits, and also cause directional sound to come from what is designed to be an omnidirectional device. That was a bit dissapointing. However, the Sub did remind me ALOT of the older ACS48.1, and to a lesser extent the ACS 45.1 from the late 90's. WHich IMHO where some of the best Multimedia speaker systems ever produce by Altec (and why shouldent I, I own a pair of both).

Unfortuantely i cant really comment on imaging, or sound stage, as the setup i listened too was in a cramped office, and far from ideal. But overall they are good litle speakers.
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