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Personally, to me, the ultimate high end HTPC speaker system would be completely wireless with the frequency operating in a band that's extremely high (9.6ghz anyone) that would allow for operation with extremely good treble response and no problems with interference from other wireless devices such as phones, bluetooth devices and what have you. Also several channels with a master channel selector on the controller would be nice as that would allow all the channels to be changed at once. I don't like the whole phase and EQ on a per speaker basis though, the ultimate goal of a high fidelity speaker system is to be a straight wire with gain, nothing more, nothing less. If your speakers are so fracked that they need phase alignment and equalization to achieve that goal then it's time to scrap the design and start from ground zero with a clean sheet. The only things done to the speakers is crossing over the frequencies that they can't (or shouldn't) be reproducing. I don't even like 2nd order and 3rd order crossovers (not to mention 4th order) as they add phase issues to the speakers. I've built speakers that were crossed with 1st order networks (yep, just a cap and choke) that were some of the most pristine sounding speakers I've ever heard. I just put several hundred hours of thought into what were the proper points of rolloff at 6db per octave and did even more experimentation with the frequencies I used in applied usage.

I wish I had the facilities to build drivers as I'd like to make some single focal point drivers with the tweeters mounted inside the voice coil of the mid and experiment with inverted domes and such. I came up with a design for a 3.5" mid with a 2.5" voicecoil and close to 1.5" of throw a few years ago for sub/sat systems, I think that something along those lines with the ability to play cleanly bellow 80hz would be the answer for HTPC speakers especially with the axially mounted tweeters as there'd be one small enclosure with a single focal point of sound.

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