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Addendum (more bonus content for the forum folks)

I had the opportunity to compare the PT6021 system to my Cambridge Soundworks MicroWorks II system, which I've owned since the summer of 2006. The CSW MicroWorks II offers a warmer overall sound, without the depressed midrange of the PT6021's InConcert satellite speakers, yet I don't feel that I'm missing much in the way of detail. The PT6021's sub has more of the really low stuff to offer than the Microworks sub (though both have 6.5" active drivers with ~40w of power) by virtue of the Altec sub's vented design, but both systems offer a very "honest", un-embellished bass output that would be preferred by music lovers such as myself. The MicroWorks system lacks both the fully-featured control pod with tone adjustments (though the volume control is detachable and contains a headphone jack) and the infrared remote capability. I think I prefer the beefy "cube" styling of the Cambridge Soundworks satellites (and the sound of the 3" wide-range drivers) to the tall, narrow shape of the PT6021 satellite speakers, though neither design is particularly unappealing, and I respect the fact that the PT6021 sats are designed to look good with flat screen displays. That said, the MicroWorks sound a little peaky through the midrange, and lack the treble extension of the PT6021 system, so they sound a bit 'flat'. I still think that my MicroWorks II system is probably one of the best values in the 2.1-channel category, though the Logitech Z-2300 would be preferred by those who want the beefiest (though somewhat 'boomy') bass they can get. I know a lot of you have a nose for value, and so those two systems (Z-2300 and MicroWorks II) are my recommendations for the best value in the 2.1 category, though they aren't nearly as feature-laden as the PT6021.
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