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Thanks for the quick reply. Im not sure what bios im using, how would i tell? cant seem to ever find that info in bios. I did update it from the one that came with the board though (510p??? if that exists cant remember) beacause ballistix memory would have loads of errors with origonal bios. Memtest at #7, 3 passes at time of writing this!hurray!

Maybe without bios revision my next question may be hard to answer. I find that maybe every 6 or 8 shutdown and reboot the bios splash screen comes up fine then u get that white on black writting then before booting to either memtest or hdd the system reboots!Just DFI being DFI or something to do with my oc? Strange though because it does this even with a stable set-up.
AMD winchester 3200 @2.55ghz 1V325+110%
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