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Default 2000 watts

Hi all

First post here,just had to get in on all this power thing .I have a PCP&C 1kw-sr the first thing i did was run a new Circuit for my computer room these 800-2000 watts PSU dont like 15 or even 20 amp circuits .ever hear the story where the guy buys a new PSU and tripps a breaker.Hes got his system on with 5 other things a 15amp 14ga 20 amp 12ga circuit shared with other current consuming devises wont hold up to a dual 8800 SLI system.hes not popping breaker because his Psu has more power,he tripping because its drawing more power! The PSU IS doing its job.If you ran your system with no problems and your new PSU tripps the breaker your old PSU was not feeding your system with the power it needed,now that it is your weak link is the circuit. I ran a 10ga 30 amp circuit to a 4x4 box just for system and Monitor I built 3 of the same EVGA680I E6600,2 GIG Corsair Doninator 8500,2-Raptor 73`s with twin BGF 8800 GTX I put the PCP&C 1KW-SR in Mine the other two where friends they did not want to send 500,00 on PSU So they put in coolmax 750 the other Thermaltake 700 they both had more problems then i can list BSOD mostly Well i got them to RA and spend twice the money on the ENERMAX 1000.ALL problem cleared, on the 2nd system. 3rd and last, Tripped breakers and we ran a new line,just a 20/12 you see copper is big bucks now .and the problems are all long as you have a 20/12 alone it should be ok.its within 10% of limit.So i guess what this post is all about is these big Power 850-2000 watt PSU are fine but you still need to run them on a clean Circuit...
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