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Default Contest #1 - "Guess That Game" - Discussion Thread

If you have any comments, suggestions of ill regard towards our first contest, please feel free to spit it here. You can also discuss with others your favorite classic games that are not ones in the contest.

Mentioning a game name that's of the 20 could result in a ban and disqualification!


1) Asheron's Call 2
2) Runescape
3) Forsaken
4) Anarchy Online
5) Unreal

6) Need for Speed 2: Special Edition
7) Castle Master
8) Grand Theft Auto
9) Revolt
10) Halloween Harry (Alien Carnage)

11) Sopwith II
12) Second Life
13) Ryzom
14) No One Lives Forever
15) Sim City 2000

16) Jazz Jackrabbit
17) Planescape: Torment
18) SiN: Episodes
19) Rubies of Eventide
20) Syndicate Wars
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