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Originally Posted by NicePants42 View Post
My main gripe with the Copperhead was that it required that USB legacy support be turned off in the motherboard BIOS, otherwise the mouse wouldn't be detected without unplugging/replugging it. (Not even the latest firmware, which supposedly turned the button underneath into a 'reboot' button solved allowed the mouse to be detected without being unplugged first.)

This in itself is not a major problem, but in my specific circumstance, I dual-boot XP 32 and XP 64, and I use a Logitech G15. For some reason, unless USB legacy support is enabled, the G15 will not respond during the 30 second time interval where I am supposed to choose the OS to boot.

So my question in a nutshell is this: did you have any driver/BIOS issues to speak of?


This is something that I have not noticed but to be fair, haven't paid any attention too. I will test this out when I get home and see what problems, if any, I run into.

As for your G15, most motherboards that I have worked with have USB keyboard and USB mouse startup options. Can you enable one and disable the other in your BIOS or does it only give you the option to turn them both on?
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