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Originally Posted by the_dope_chaud View Post
hey y'all
I heard of this contest and thought I had the perfect entry...

I only have this picture for now but rest assured I've got my other three coming up. And If I understand correct, we can have 2 entries so my labor of love AM2 sytem might participate to show its ugly face. Its in a black standard case, yet the insides beg too be shown. By the way in the cardboard box is a Pentium 3 866 with a geforce 2 gts, 512 megs of pc-133 and a 80 gig WD hdd.
I will post more photos soon.
Yes, two entries but 4 pics between the two so that's one more image of the first and two of the second or three of one and one of the other. That's up to you.

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