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This is way OT. What does your love of OSX have to do with Vista and Sys Mech not playing nice together?

I'm just curious because this post would be better served in a thread about how much we really dislike Vista rather than in a thread about how useless Sys Mech has become

Originally Posted by MacMan View Post
As a mostly Mac user, regarding Vista, all I can say is, "Been there, Done that!" I have been using Vista a year before LongHorn was ever annouced, it was called Mac OSX.

Mind you, the early version known by the code name 'Cheetah' performed more like it should have been called 'Turtle,' but it was basically all that Vista is now except it was even slower than Vista is now.

Today, OSX Tiger goes beyond Vista and I mean way beyond and will soon be replaced by the only OS that Intel ever optimized for any CPU... LEOPARD! This is the OS that I read, by several experts in the high-tech world, will utterly embarass and put Vista to UTTER shame! You just watch and see.

I can't wait!

In fact, not only Vista, but Beryl and XGL are all inspired by OSX. This beautiful OS is the first OS to feature an aninmated desktop with all the cool eye candy. But in OSX the eye candy is minimum and serves to increase the funtionality of the OS.

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Vista, how could I? Its an inferior copy of OSX, but it still is a copy. I prefer OSX by a long shot and second Linux, a close cousin of OSX. I will, at least, say that Vista is pretty.

People like to poo-poo Apple, but think about it..... Apple is now a 82-billion dollar giant corporation.... almost 30 billion dollars bigger than Dell. A large part of that is due to OSX.

Vista is ok, but Microsoft was yesterday's news; OSX and Linux is the future.

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