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Thanks for the reply.
Well, I threw caution into the wind and ordered it from xpcgear.

I currently have a Dual MDD G4 that's in desperate need of a cooling overhaul. Right now my software thermometer (which may not be that accurate) is stating that my cpu's are running at about 58.8 degrees C, which isn't that good (137.8 degrees F). Apple sure dropped the ball when it came to engineering cooling in these machines, so I'm reworking the cooling system, and figure that I'll use the Logisys as the brain.

I currently have a 120mm Papst 4212H as my case fan, and even though it's not a bad fan, it's getting replaced with a Sanyo Denkis 120mm (39dBA vs. 49dBA for the Papst @ 105cfm).

I also have a Radeon 9700 Pro that's getting a makeover with a Vantec CBB-A4C heatsink/fan combo, and I'm adding two AVC 60mm x 15mm 17cfm fans to the top of my dual heatsink (which currently is only cooled halfway by the case fan).

I know this is kinda OT, but I just figure I'd let you know what's up.
I'll take some pix as I do the overhaul and post when I'm finished... hopefully it'll be sometime within the next couple weeks (once all the parts get here). I plan on putting the Logisys controller in the lower 5-1/4" bay in the front of the machine, behind the door flap. It won't be immediately visible, but it'll still be accessible if I need to make any adjustments and check the temperature.

Thanks again.
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