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Originally Posted by JacKz5o View Post
Congrats on 400 articles TechGage.

Nice review, but just wondering, Iv seen reviews of this mouse on other tech sites and they say that the triple threat button is a delayed 3 shot and not just 3 really fast clicks? Can you verify that if possible? Thanks
I'm not sure what you mean by a "delayed 3 shot", but pressing the buttons seems to click about 1/4 a second apart.

Originally Posted by MakubeX View Post
Looks cool. Does that "Triple Threat" button get in the way? Did you clicking it accidentally much?

I find it kind of useless since I have yet to play a game where I need to click all three buttons in a row. Maybe it wouldn't not be if it had been customizable.
For what it's worth, it didn't get in the way at all. I rest my index finger at the edge of the primary mouse button naturally, but it could pose a problem depending on what your preferences are. None of the other buttons were in the way either.

I appreciated it when I was in situations in first person shooters (Stalker especially) when firing single shot bursts would have less recoil then holding the button down.

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