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@Jack: 'Delay' is not a word that I would use when describing the Triple Threat Button. It's meant to be used when you need to click as fast as you can, so '3 really fast clicks' is exactly what I'd call it. I find it somewhat useful with pistols in games like CS and FEAR, but I personally don't think it offers any real benefit that can't be had with a little practice. In fast-paced FPS, I don't move my trigger finger from the left-click.

I will also agree that it doesn't get in the way at all, and pressing both the Triple Threat button and the left click at the same time is not an easy mistake to make.

I have a question regarding the blue finish - it appears to be slick like the Logitech MX series, am I correct? One thing I didn't like about the MX series was that the slick finish tended to slip (if your hand sweats). It also accumulated grime, although it was easy to clean. I think A4tech might have an edge with their finish on the X-750BF, since it is slightly more rough/textured. Slipping has yet to be a problem with my X-750BF, and there is no grime either.

I'm not too familiar with the stock button/macro programming options in Windows, but I like that you can assign a button to open up a certain program/menu. For instance, I have the middle click set to open up a small shortcut menu - one shortcut is the X-fi menu, where I frequently change the speaker setup from 5.1 to headphones (since I use an external junction for audio). This feature is something that I don't recall having before (though I may be wrong) and it is easy to set up and change. I can use the middle click to start one of my 10 most frequently used programs via that little pop-up menu, which can help keep the desktop clean of shortcuts. Not a huge deal, but nice.

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