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hey there !
received my case, took a few pictures for ya...

here it is out of the box :

here it is all installed (minus my new seagate 7200,10 320gig hd)

here's the cardboard box stripped of all it's glory...

and here it is in its new (old) case :

thanks once again guys, I'm thrilled, and the modding is yet to start!
asus m2n-e | 3800+x2 AM2 EE (shit) @ 2.4ghz @ 1.33V > zalman 9500AM2 idle@35, load@42 | 2x512MB PNY and 2x512MB Kingston Value, @ 600MHz 3-4-4-12 | asus 6600 silencer with 80 mm fan strapped-on for the OC | 250 gig WD caviar sata2 + 80 gig WD IDE backup | soundblaster audigy | OCZ ModStream 520W | Samsung Syncmaster 19 in. widescreen 4ms |


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