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I play Battlefield series a lot, and I map Ctrl to thumb button #5 to kneel in game, but it doesn't work. What really ticks me off is...Razer has given me zero support via the phone, or the web. They just wanted to send me another mouse after I sent mine in...a three week turn-around. I don't think the problem likes with the mouse as the button seems to function find with Windows commands assigned to it, but wont simulate any key stroke. I believe the software or firmware has issues. I think a new mouse would so the same thing, and am quit pissed off. They said they would get right back to me and itís been over a month. The only good thing I have to say is...Razer finaly designed a comfortable mouse, now I just need to sinsere support.
I have a Death Adder and I cannot map buttons in BF2 either. I'm sincerely considering getting a Logitech G5 (the new one with the extra side button). I know from experience with my Logitech MX518 that you can remap the buttons however you please, so Logitech's software works. If only the sensitivity on the G5 was as good as the Deathadder.
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