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The software supplied with the 950 is the same that Hauppauge has been bundling with their TV tuner cards for years. It hasn't been updated to display hidef at the correct 16:9 aspect ratio. It defaults to the 4:3 of standard def TV and you must "eyeball" 16:9 by dragging one corner of the display window. I give the 950 itself an "8", but the supplied tuner software a "2" (and that's being generous.) The 950 may work with other tuner software which handles 4:3 and 16:9 correctly, but this is an additional expense.

Plextor just came out with a USB stick digital TV tuner, perhaps their software is better.

I went with a DVICO FusionHDTV5 USB device and the software supplied with it is light-years beyond that of the Hauppauge. It also comes with a full-function remote and analog audio and video inputs.

John Cline
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