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Well, the music player quick-access button always tried to open iTunes if it was available, instead of opening the music player that was selected, and then the shuffle key didn't work in either WMP11 or iTunes. I expected more from a high-end product like the Pro|Type. I wasn't too impressed with the overal feel of the Pro|Type. Though it looks very nice, it felt like a somewhat less expensive keyboard. Even the Dell keyboard I was using before felt more 'solid'. One thing about many 'high-end' products both here and elsewhere in the consumer electronics market is that their price is usually set just a little higher than it needs to be, in order to add exclusivity to the product -- that is, if you've got the money to purchase it, you're 'in'. I get the impression that with a lot of Razer's input peripherals, they have excellent styling and thoughtful features that reflect attention to detail, but they don't feel particularly durable, or of exceptionally high material quality. They're just 'decent' in that regard.
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