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Originally Posted by madstork91 View Post
That mouse looked sexy as hell, and I was thinking the same thing about the keyboard untill i saw the ipod plug.

Really.... why make something that costs so much and then limits itself to something so... Especially considering that this is something aimed towards the gaming community.

Just kinda seems like they could have used the space more efficiently.
While I may tend to agree with you here, this particular keyboard is targeted at 'professionals', not 'gamers'.

'Gamers' should be buying the Tarantula, which has a 'battle-dock' connector which up until now is even more useless than an Ipod connector, because no battle-dock accessories have been released. The accessories slated for release include an over-hand lamp for key-illumination and a web-cam. As a gamer, I'd take the Ipod dock, given the choice.

If it sounds like I'm disagreeing with you or defending Razer, let me say that I agree with Tater's original assessment, and would add crappy drivers/firmware to Razer's list of fallacies.
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