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Hey guys!

Will this PSU work well to powering a PCI-E ATI X1950PRO 256MB or 512MB video card?... considering it uses one 12V rail instead of two or however that works... =) I was skimming through a PSU 101 thread somewhere telling me AMPs was a big factor in PSU these days in powering power hungry machines and whatnot.

The summary was good, it said it would be a good PSU to power a C2D and a 8800 video card so im assuming that would be enough to power my system below. =)

AMD Athlon X2 3800+
Asus Mobo
2 gigs dual channel DDR2 675
ATI X1950PRO 256MB/512MB version
2 ultra ata100 hard drives
16x dvd drive

tada! =)
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