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Default manual indeed

so after emailing logisys, and calling the supplier i ordered this from.. i've heard nothing back in 2 weeks. i lost my manual to this darn thing, and if YOU have problems installing it WITH a manual.. well.. i don't see me pulling it off without a manual.
logisys has the manual for a wireless version of this panel on their web site, but not for this model.
if anyone out there would scan the couple useful pages (like the diagram showing what pins are what on the back of this thing) and upload them here or email them to me [email protected] i'd really appreciate it!

a couple other questions.. i don't have usb looking plugins on my motherboard, but the cords logisys supply have one set of internal connectors (that plug onto copper pins) and on the other end, they have your regular usb plug.. so.. do you plug the internal connectors to the back of the panel, and then route the cord through the box and out, and then plug the usb plug into a panel in the back? seems silly since internal to internal connectors would do the trick..

anyway.. sorry for the rant. if no one wants to up the pictures, could someone tell me how to change the temperature alarm? my vid card seems to run above 45 with just fans for cooling.
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