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Default Wireless signal problems with 4000 Mouse & Keyboard

I've been using the 4000 for about a month now and am very satisfied . . . when it works.
Lately I've been having problems with signal reception from both the keyboard and the mouse. Occasionally I get a warning pop-up stating that the keyboard signal quality is low and giving me the option to troubleshoot or ignore. I've tried both and either way the pop-up disappears and the keyboard continues to work ok. When I go to the Microsoft Keyboard program, it shows my wireless battery and signal quality as both being good. So, even though the keyboard warnings are annoying it continues working ok.

NOT SO with the mouse. I never get a warning about the mouse's signal quality; however, I'm having a problem with the mouse functions. The main problem is with left-clicking (single or double). That signal is not being received and nothing happens. I've moved the receiver onto my mouse pad between the keyboard and the remaining mouse area and I still have theproblem if I move the mouse a short distance from the receiver (like 5/6"). (It does not occur all the time, but way too often.) When I notice that nothing is happening, I can move the mouse next to the receiver and it receives the left-click ok.

I open the Microsoft Mouse program and it informs me that the battery level is good and the signal level is high, but the problem remains. Even though I'm told the batteries are ok, I replaced them anyway . . . to no avail.

Anybody have any ideas ?

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