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Default design strength?

To be honest this keyboard looks like another release along the mx duo. What does spring to mind is, does it still have the one serious flaw the whole range has had since the early release. This flaw is the structure of the keyboard, the DUO series were renown for breaking from simply picking up the keyboard and moving it. The plastic frame, not designed well enough, would twist diagonally when picked up. This put stress on the frame and bang, your keyboard is broken only after short period of time. What I would like to know is, its weight compared to the DUO series and MX series. And more importantly does it "feel" like it could break/twist when picked up with one hand from either the bottom left or right. These two points seem to be the weakest in the old design.

Just to conclude, the fact that the keyboard is wireless proves that this device should be able to be moved easily without breaking. In my opinion a desktop keyboard that cannot be picked up and moved without unnecessary stress to its design, fails overall and shouldn’t be recommended. Still I am a undying fan of logitech’s equipment, its just a shame the early devices lacked a more sturdy design.
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