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Nice review, but it lacks some detail imho.

First of all the nice and shiny features are well covered, yet the fact that the mouse skips on surfaces such as QcK, polished wood, unpolished wood and a piece of paper is nowhere to be found. Being a low senser myself it was rather frustrating having the mouse making the hoola hoola dance everytime.
Another thing is the terrible lift off distance, which is around 4mm, twice as much as MX518 which is only 2mm.
The shape is indeed very different from anything you ever seen before (or not, now that I think of Creative's Fatal1ty 2020) and either you'll love it or hate it

Not being a hater under any circumstances, but thought this belonged to the review.

Sethk G9 is USB overclocked by default, either 500 or 1000Hz, I couldn't test it tho.
"One of the big things I look for in a gaming mouse is the polling rate"
These are the words of a nub, since you can overclock any mouse and feel a huge difference.

Thanks for making the effort and writing that review Rob.
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