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Unhappy Ergonomic or not?: That's the question ...

Certainly the new (Cordless) Desktop Wave from Logitech is a comfortable keyboard - because of the ergonomic forms and the "wave format".

But - is this keyboard really ergonomic?

Before answering I'd like to tell you what I'm expecting of use of a keyboard. And that is simply to get the most of output of it, means: having possibility typing very, very fast (I make about 315 typings per minute). A "normal" keyboard would shortly cause some physical problems - in form of some pain in hands and fingers.

For these reasons I need an ergonomic keyboard.

Wave keyboard of Logitech has a round, so ergonomic, format; in addition, a new idea is here being realized: the wave form; therefore, I bought it yesterday.

Unfortunatedly, designers of Logitech, in their will to create an ergonomic keyboard with Wave Keyboard, made a capital error positioning the "sticks" to raise keyboard in front of it instead in rear: NOBODY types normally with raisen fingers, but with fingers falling down ... In other words: natural position of hands/fingers means that hands as prolonged of arms have to go downside, not upside - if not, longer typing ends getting pain in arms, hands and fingers. Remember: ergonomic typing necessites, that hands/fingers COME DOWN to keyboard, so hands have to take a raised position compared to keyboard! Trying this out is very simply and quickly ...

Therefore, I think that Logitech Desktop Wave keyboard, being inconsequent in so far, did not reach ergonomic purpose to 100%. If I would create a comfortable, ergonomic keyboard, I have to respect ALL aspects of natural design of human body.

I still reported this problem to support of Logitech, which promised to me to inform design department of Logitech about my critics. Waiting thinking this ergonomic inconsequence, I would ask Logitech here again in one word: WHY [create a wave format, but in mean time force users to raise hands/fingers when typing - instead of giving user the possibility to lower hands/fingers] ??? ... ... ... ...

Best regards,
Klaus Will (Email: [email protected])

Originally Posted by Rob Williams View Post
Looking for a comfortable keyboard, but don't want to go the way of the ergo? Logitech's latest Wave keyboard is catering to you. The keys are laid out in a "Wave" pattern to contour to your hands and a palm-rest is added for additional comfort. Have Logitech come up with a winner?

You can read the full review here and discuss it here.
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