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Originally Posted by bot_add View Post
"One of the big things I look for in a gaming mouse is the polling rate"
These are the words of a nub, since you can overclock any mouse and feel a huge difference.
Actually USB overclocking DOESN'T work on several Logitech mice including the MX Revolution and the older MX900. If you replace the driver with a 500hz version, those two mice don't respond. It does work with the Logitech 518 and the G5, but with Logitech's spotty record I'm glad to see a mouse with official support and the Revolution's gyroscopic wheel.

In Vista 64 you really have to go out of your way to disable signed driver checking, replace the USB driver with 500 or 1000hz versions which causes instabilities (and one one of my PCs running Vista 64 it flat out doesn't work.) So don't say it works on every mouse because that's not true. Official support is very nice.
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