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Socket A is superb. No reason to upgrade a whole platform just so I can--what, type faster? Sorry, the incentive to upgrade isn't there. Need a whole lot more action on the 64-bit app front before its anywhere close to necessary to upgrade. Drop in a 6800GT or an X800GTO and you can play any game available at butter smooth frame rates.

As for the review, I have to admit that I have no respect at all for you rating system. 9/10 with only one degree drop in load temps? That's nothing but boosterism. Sure it's nice to have a little bit less noise, but the stock HSFs are pretty darn quiet.

I really hope you reconsider your rating system. a 10/10 should be given to products that completely transcend all expectations. 5/10 is all expectations met but not exceeded. 0/10 is a product that finds innovative ways to disappoint you.

The most I'd give this product based upon your own review is a 6.5/10. Your encouraging people to spend more money for a single degree? Boo. And to dispell another myth, AS5 will have only a negligable impact on temps. It's not going to turn a turd into gold.
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