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Default Oh Dear God!

Ok so Saturday Morning, my Digital fan controller arrives in the post and first thing, no instructions!! Thats just what you get for buying it from eBay! So I started installing it, and messed up the orange wires and stickers and made them all non-sticky (stupid dust) so they became useless, then I connected the CPU fan to the wire that said CPU, the chipset fan on the motherboard which is next to the CPU to the wire labelled SYS-F and a 120mm case fan that I have on the back to the wire labelled SYS-R

Now I turn on the PC...all seems fine...WAIT AN ALARM! CPU shows RPM but no TEMP as in 0.0 Temp?! Might I add all three fans were connected to the extra wires that came with it. So I try swapping wires round and well its now sunday evening, tired exausted and have a constant ringing from that damn alarm in the back of my head, like I said I try switching some wires, I connect the chipset fan to the SYS-R wire and the 120mm to the CPU and the CPU to the SYS-F (please note this was a last resort as I thought maybe the wires just were labelled wrong) so I turn on the PC...*BANG* OH BEEEEP!! Smoke RUN FOR IT!!!

I grabbed my mobile in a panic and rang my friend "I JUST BLEW UP MY PC!" after some checking the motherboard seemed fine, no capaciters blown, still smells like a bikers backside (LOL...burning rubber) turns out I blew the friggin Thermal controller!! So now Im awaiting a response to a refund from the ebay seller and have just purchased the same item from a hopefully trustworthy internet computer store.

If anyone has anything they can help me with because theres no way in heck im gonna install this thing without where and how each and every wire is meant to go. I hope this will appear on here...E-Mail me your very desperatly needed help at: [email protected]

Thank you in advance, I will be posting back when I recieve the 2nd Fan Controller!!
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