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Thumbs up artophwar's g9 review

As an hardcore gamer and Logitech fan since the early 90s I can tell you this is by far the best mouse I have ever laid my hands on. Im 64 265lbs with large hands but for some reason this mouse fits it 100x better than the g5 even despite the fact that is around 25% smaller. Logitech got the design spot on for any gamer that uses their fingers to grip and control the mouse. However I can understand why a lot of people will hate it if they have come accustom to having their palm rest on the rear of a mouse. In my opinion any hardcore gamer will use fingers because of the far superior precision you gain from it. I received my g9 in the mail yesterday and hooked it up for its maiden voyage and with a 2000dpi setting (same as my g5) the learning curve was close to non existent. I loaded up Battlefield 2 and decided to play a few maps using only the sniper rifle and only firing shots off when my crosshair was on the enemies head. The end results were 60-7, 48-2, 39-11, and 41-5. The control was amazing and it was incredibly easy to get headshots. Funny thing is I got admin kicked via punkbuster for cheating on a sever I have been frequenting for the past 4 months, and in the end that is the best you can expect from any mouse. Of course I contacted the head server admin and the ban has already been lifted

The mouse pad I use is the fUnc sUrface1030 Archetype with fUnc Anti-Friction liquid.
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