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Default Recieved 2nd Controller

Hi I'm back with my second controller! So after blowing-up my first one I decided not to install this one without getting direct info on the setup of it. I jus read another customer review for this on another site, the guy says after its hooked up, if you fan temp drops below the set temp the controller really slows the fans down, and if the fan temp rises even 0.1 above your max set temp, the alarm goes off for the 20 secs, it speeds up the fan, the temp drops, the fan slows, the temp rises, the alarm goes off again and that this keeps happening!! It honestly sounds like a nightmare!

I decided to buy my 2nd controller from a trusty web-site rather than ebay this time. At least this one comes fully sealed and with instructions, well only how to set the led, AGAIN!! Someone has to contact me and let me know the functionality of this thing! Coz if it's like last time, I'd hate for the damn alarm to go off everytime i turn on my PC because the CPU or what-not temp or fan speed isn't being displayed! I also just purchased a Gigabyte CPU Cooler, which should arrive tommorrow, but before I fix that I want to buy some Arctic Silver thermal compound on my CPU, so il fix them all up on the same day!

Soooooo, if this thread is still active, SOMEONE HELP: [email protected]
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