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Default Been a long time waiting for an original game

Its great to see and original concept in gaming. I can see that this new control system can become an addictive method of play. (and i havn't even played the game yet)

Mark Healey presents himself well and knows how to market and sell a product. I only hope that this game can go on to become very playable online with even the formation of clans and competitions. This title could be huge given its simplistic nature and the fact that it plays on the old kung fu theme that so many of us in our 20,s and 30,s remember as youngsters. Anybody out there remember IK+ on commodore 64 with the rob hubbard soundtrack and 3 players on screen at once. WOW

I wish this game every success and will be online tonight as soon as its released under the name MuX or MuXBoX

Perhaps we could ask clan base admins to add this game to the ladders and start compos but will have to see if it is geared for that.
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