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I susspect the large version will be wireless.

Also your connection problems may be related to plugging the tablet in after the computer starts. The drivers (which I assume are near identical to the graphite I own) tend to be a lil temperamental with having the thing plugged in at start up.

From working with some people recently, if you like to draw A LOT and you want a way to do this digitally, these wacom tablets are a def must. Some of the concept art I have been modeling from recently was created using a wacom, and they are awesome! There is a definitive wall broken through when you begin to use one well, and using it well will take some getting used to.

comments on the bamboo itself:

The graphites came with a plastic casing that went over the top of them that you could place a photo or something underneath to edit/trace. This was actually a pretty popular feature. 0.o not sure whats up with the bamboo on this one.

4 button better than the 2 on the graphite? Iunno. I find myself simply hitting the keyboard for buttons. This may be because I am used to it, and it may be because if you only had 2-4 buttons to set in photoshop, what would you set them to?

Zoom wheel? ZOMG! The best feature in the bamboo in my greatly valid opinion. On these tablets you will find yourself zooming in an out a lot. The graphite's scroll wheel won't be missed.
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