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Originally Posted by madmat
Looking at the sats I can tell that each has one active driver (located in the center) and 2 passive radiators also known as a butterworth 4th order tuned port which use the air inside the speaker enclosure to couple the radiators to the driver via fluid dynamics.

The middle driver is an inverted dome full range driver, basically a hopped up tweeter that has a suspension allowing for greater movement so that frequencies down to the crossover point are covered and the passive radiators help to reinforce the upper bass registers.

I'd also imagine that the crossover point for the sats is somewhere in the area of 200-180hz rolling off at 6db per octave and the sub is likely crossed over at around 120hz but that's just an educated guess.

Nice little setup.
Thank you SO much for pointing this out.

I too was a little disapointed when he refered to the PR's on this setup as "speaker covers", and beeing skeptical about the sound output through them. It is mearly a flat dust cap, rather then the typical inverted cone on most speakers and PR's. Truth is, there is nothing covering over the speakers, and nothing covering them to impede the sound. What you see are the actual drivers themselves.

I certaintly hope that the reviewer reads these comments and updatest he review to reflect them.

And hopfully learns somthing along the way.
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