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well... its been ~ 2 years now with this combo.

The mouse began having some SERIOUS interference ~ a year ago. I had to replace it, so I traded up to an MX revo. I haven't missed my old mouse much if at all.

They keyboard is not starting to act up similarly. It will occasionally say that the ctrl key is pressed and without warning. This can be very troublesome, especially when you hit the W key. (try ctrl+w now... I'm sorry ahead of time)

So yeah... I soon may be replacing my keyboard if this keeps up.

Over all though I would still recommend this combo. I like the keyboard arrangement. Though sometimes the arrangement of the home, end, and num pad is a problem; in some cases it is really a plus.

It was cheap for my brother in law to buy for me. And since it was a gift it was free for me ;-p I still onlu think he spent $50 for it at best buy.

Edit: in addition... I may be looking at the wave next. The shape is similar.
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