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First, to Rob...i am no longer an "Unregistered User" (the seconed post). I kinda like this little comunity here, so i recon ill join.

Now to Jen...

PLEASE!!!! Do NOT pull the knee jerk reaction of "everyone hates me cause im a girl reviewer" becuase its not true. Honestly, i didnt even know the review was written by a women when i made my first post (as evident when i refered to the reviewer as a 'he'). Ive just seen FAR to many girls in this industry do this very thing over the years, and that type of mentality is what killed their carriers in the hardware review industry. Becuase they could not take any form of constructive critisism. Which is what anyone in the review industry has to learn to take in stride. And i speak from personal experience. Plus, it has nothing to do with being calloused, its becuase we are geeks. And as geeks we want to know all the ins and outs of the hardware we are reading about, and expect the reviewers of that product to have at least as much, if not more knowledge about the product then we do.

Heres the raw basics of what was said, and why. (and i say all of this with yours, Robs, and TechGage's best interests in mind)

You incorrectly described a piece of hardware. Which was a direct result of failing to research audio equipment design, and terminology before writing your review.

This time, its not so big of a your thought the dust cap on the passive radiator was a speaker grill, a glaring oversite, but not a big one. And fortunately Logitech is a preaty forgiving company in those respects.

However, some companies arent. Infact, most of them arent. And it can hurt you when you misquote a companies product like that.

So it pays to do your research, and become versed on the more in-depth basics of the product your reviewing. Such as, what type of box is the sub contained in? Why type of configuration are the satalites run in? What type of amp? Why type of speaker design type? Etc. All of those hard ware descriptions are fairly easy to figure out with a couple hours spent on google researching. Or even contacting Logitech, or any other hardware manufacture directly.

I guess the biggest part of the whole issue is that Audio Officianados know more about there particular niche of hobby then most other hobbiest...except maybe those in computers. In which case your doubly screwed with this review. Because, as you know, we are all about the numbers, and the tech specs. And arent your typical "function, actual use" type of people.

So educate yourself on the basics of audio, invest in a radioshack dB meter, and have a great time doing your next review. Its not really necessary to take them apart and know the insides, just be knowledgable on what the speakers actually are, and how they function. Which is easily done with a quick visual inspection, once you know what you are looking for.

Learn from your mistakes, pick up, move on, and do it better next time.
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