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Red face ^^

Everyone loves me. What are you talking about? :P I expect some people to reflect negatively on my reviews. Which is fine. Its all part of the job, and I will take it in stride, for constructive criticism is important to refinement. Remarks directed at me to help me better my reviews. I'm an artist, I deal with it all the time.

But it doesn't mean I have to be happy about it... which I am entitled to, and partly thats with myself. Yet as stated before I am a lifestyle reviewer, not an in depth hardware reviewer. I list the aspects of it, how 'I' see it, and yes that may not be a technical listing, and obviously will not please everyone. To you that is describing a piece of hardware wrong because I'm not listing the parts right, but not all people are looking for the internal workings of it. They just want to know how well it works, is it worth buying. Thats what I do. All of my reviews have been on how the piece looks and functions in every day applications.

I will always have room to improve, and will be working to better myself in tech areas. If I make mistakes I will learn from them, just like anyone else. Just because I'm a 'girl' doesn't make me ignorant or silly, and most certainly not incapable of taking criticism.

Thanks for the input. I'll take your suggestions into consideration on my next review Buck-o.

Have a peachy day.
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