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Thanks for the replys guys. I must say it is a nice change to actually have someone read a post subjectivly, and take what is being said into consideration, rather then flaming away becuase i am some noob coming in here trying to "start somthing".

THe comment about girls and reviewing just comes from the years of being around, and even in the industry, and having worked alongside female reviewers. There is a tendency fot hem to get easily discouraged with critisism, and it turns into a me against the world scenerio. Im not saying thats what Jen was jost forwarning against that kind of mentality turning into somthing much worse. And im optimistic about the future, given Jen's honest responce.

I think that there are certain pieces of hardware that are difficult to review in a lifestyle review format. Cases, displays, and speakers, i think fall easily into that caragory. Not only is there a large amount of technicle info that needs to be displayed, but there also has to be subjective data on ease of use, setup, quality, etc. that have to go along with it. I think reviewing any one of those items, and especially speakers, is a hard task for anyone, reguardless of which side of the review spectrum your on. Becuase there is such a fine line to walk between them. Especially when the technology is so varied among one type of prodyct segment, and people usually feel so strongy about a certain form of that tech as the best.

I think that your future media reviews will have a much broader feel in their scope, and provide just as much technicle information as they do subjective information. And merrying those together can only bring you both great success. And i think your both more then capable of getting it right the next time.

Thanks for listening.


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