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Cool Logictech MX3000 - problems

Hi Folks

I've been using the logitech MX3000 kit now for 18 months. I find the keyboard to be excellent as long as you DO NOT install the bundled media software AND you use the new setpoint drivers specific to your OS from the Logictech site. The keyboard extra keys are really great, all functions will integrate well with the usual Microsloth applications which is a boon because.... The MX610 laser mouse falls asleep after 5 or 6 seconds of no movement. Logitech have suggested this is normal to preserve battery life and the new drivers help you use the mouse with games - sort of. Not impressed.
My biggest gripe? Logitech do not support any sort of KVM. I've been an IT professional in the UK for 20 years, I have used a Compaq KVM for the last 8. The Mouse sort of works until you need to use a PC with USB keyboard/mouse connections, then the whole setup goes bonkers. I have borrowed a Microsloth wireless mouse and it works fine. It's not as nice looking or ergonomic as the logitech but it's reliable. I will keep the MX3000 keyboard but I'm going out to buy a new mouse today.
As for the receiver, yes it's ugly, but I blu-tac mine to the underside of my monitor and get reliable reception for 10 feet; keep it away from your PSU though. If you still have problems try turning off your office lights - yes, some of the old energy saving flourescent bulbs interfere with blutooth, don't ask me how, it took me weeks to figure out.


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