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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Do you think this water cooling device is suited for a HTPC?
Is it to big for case like this one (
Or not that quite?
Am I better with a passive cooler and a couple of fans to extract the heat from the case?

No, it wouldn't fit in that case. You need a straight shot from the 120MM fan opening in a traditional case.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
You have got to be joking, 84'c is way too hot for a cooler, especially water.

It seems this is a pretty poor cooler...
You seem to not really understand what acceptable temperatures are for a processor. Considering it was nearly silent AND running almost 3.7GHz I was beyond impressed with my results. Couple that with the reality that almost noone on the planet Earth runs their CPU 24/7 full CPU load and you'll see that my results were more than acceptable. In fact, even if you were to fully load it 24/7 @ 85C, you would not shave 1 minute of life off your processor. Too many people are foolishly obsessed with keeping their temperatures artificially low. That is just not necessary.

I should also add that this cooler is also found for under $100 retail. Even a top of the line heatsink with a leaf-blower 100CFM+ fan will cost you roughly the same to get somewhat better results. This cooler was silent.
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