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Now for my two cents... *looks over my shoulder for Jen* (no hard feel'ns hon, just giving you a hard time)

First, let me say, the Copperhead is a GREAT mouse, excelent tracking, quick responce, and all in all a quality made product.

But, with all that in mind...the G5 is the mouse for me.

I think the Razer would be best suited for lefties. Thanks to its semetrical design. It offers left hand gamers an opportunity to have a quality high DPI fragging mouse. And thats about where my recemendations of the Razor end.

For starters, Im really not a fan of semetrical mice. I just dont find them confortable over long gaming sesions. And ive felt that way since my first Logitech Mouseman 3-Button mouse back in the Dawango Doom II days. And i like the way the 5x series case from Logitech fills my hand without lifting my hand off the mousing surface to do so. ALong the same line, as a guy with large hands, the copperhead feels small and to low profile in my hand, and really makes my wrist hurt useing it for a long gaming sesion. Plus ive never been a fan of Razors hyper sensitive buttons. They just dont do it for me. I like a good authoritative click. Helps remove accidental railgun firings in the heat of battle.

The other thing i dont like about the razer is the lack of weight. Some people prefer this, i on the other hand prefer a heavier weighted mouse. The G5 offers the best of both worlds with its removable weight tray (also known as the battery slot on the wireless version) with customizable weighting. I can then weight the mouse so that its flickable to my tastes. A GREAT feature that im slightly disappointed no one has implimented sooner.

Also, i can do without the corny LED lighting of the razor. Yeah, the G5 has some base lights in the weight tray, and the little LED display up top, but neither of them are any mroe distracting then the rear light on an MS Explorer mouse, or the LED underlighting of typical optical mice. Personally I find the movement of the blue light in my lower right peripherial vision to be distracting at best, and downright nausiating in a quick multiplayer game of Q4 where is straking all over my vision, and drawing my eyes tword it (another reason why i hate VW dash boards with their blue back lighting AMBER FOOS!)

Plus, i may be a little biased tword the G5 becuase im a former MX510 user. And i really like the design of that mouse. ANd im glad that Logitech took the time to improve the design to make it better.
Little things like removing the "forward" navigation button on the thumb well, i never really used it. But i discovered alot of games wouldent map to it natively. So its no loss to me. THey also removed the application button from teh top of the mouse, and added side scrolling to the mouse wheel. Although one thing i do really miss are the "cruise" buttons for and aft of the scroll wheel. Althogh they couldent be used in i suppose the loss isnt terribly great for a hardcore gamer, but i liked to use them when browsing.

They also made some improvments to the foot pads. The 510/518 had a "flaw" (in my oppinion) where there where not enough foot pads on the base. Particularly to the right hand side of the optical assembly. Where the majority of any of your hands weight would be transfered. They put one on the left...but stupidly not on the right. Relying on the two front and rear pads. This would cause the chassis of the mouse to rub on your mousing surface and scuff it. Not so bad if you use a 3M Percise Mousing Surface a fUnc pad or another simmilar "soft" uniform grid surface, but a real PITA if you use an icemat, everglide, ratpad, etc. that can be somewhat abrasive over time. Fortunately logitech fixed that issue by creating half moon shaped PTFE pads front and rear. WHich do a damn fine job of keeping it slippery. And give a little fudge factor without getting stuck ona foot pad standoff should your mouses edge slip off your fragging surface.

Not to mention the best part. The G5 comes in at about $10-$15 (US) cheaper then the Razer at the retail level.

I do have some small gripes with the G5, i dont so much like the new fabric wrapped cord. It just...bugs me. And i think that may be due in part to the fact that the mouse is no longer PS/2 compatible. Ive always prefered to use a PS/2 adapter and crank up the PS/2 rate for smoothness and accuracy. I still feel that im "missing" somthing with the G5 in terms of fluidity, and if i could only just get it to work a PS/2 adapter that maybe it would fix it. But alas, its not meant to be. But i will say, i did feel the same lack of fluidity in the Razer as well. Plus i could do without the "rustic" paint job...i think it looks as ghey as the blue backlit scroll wheel does. But tollerable (i.e. non-visible) in a dark dim monitor lit gaming room.

So, anyway, thats my 2ยข. But considering hte length, is probibly more like 5 to 10. ROFL!
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