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I'm a great fan of SM and I've been using it since version 4
I have a comment on feature called TERMINATE which is a part of Search and Recover. This feature does not physically remove terminated item.

There is a simple free program called RESTORATION that can be run from a floppy (meaning no installation required) that can restore a file that has just been terminated!
The only way to be sure is to use System Shield after every termination.
If you don't belieive me try the mentioned program.

When I installed one of the previous version of professional 6 it did something with its numerous wizards so my system couldn't boot. I had to repair it with a Drive Medic recovery diskette. It was a good test for Drive Medic indeed :laugh:

But Drive Medic was not capable of fixing my Partition Table which had been destroyed by Nero BackItUp 2. It said everything was fine though it was not.
I lost 50GB of data thinking System Mechanic Pro 6 is capable of repairing all the things they said it was!!!

I dislike features like PC total care and similar because they take control out of user's hands and do all the job by themselves. It is not a good idea especially if something like Startup optimizer tends to disable some of the startup programs that you need. It disabled InCD from Nero and UI Watcher (uninstallation tool). I need them both and it is exclusively my right to disable them.

It seems that the whole program is biased towards light users who don't know what the present features really are about but would just like to make their system run faster.
And what about the rest of us? I hold version 5 for a more serious but lacking of some things that were added in v.6 and improved.

The problem with defragmentation still persists. I think many people who used v5 could see those error messages as if HD surface was demaged. And in v6 the whole thing seems to be repeating itself. My HD is just fine, I ran Maxtor's utility for checking and Windows chkdsk. And also another tool that had been examining my HD for 15 hours!
In System Mechanic 4 there wasn't such problem.
That is why I kept using it along with v5.

I haven't tried popup blocker, it was bad in v5. It used to close windows in the explorer (not the Internet Explorer)

System Mechanic 6 does something no one would like to see. It scatters its backup files in the roots of the partitions! Anyone with the same problem?

The analyser in the HOME section is useless and spoils the impression. Let's be honnest, it's there to play a stylish role.

Still System Mechanic is unique and I love it. I use it everyday and it does the job.
I use junk cleaner and defragmentation most. I also use registry cleaner though it is not so important in my opinion. It does not improve the performance that much.

Advanced StartUp Manager is really cool in combination with the ability to manage running programs.
Kaspersky AV and Antihacker are well known to everyone so I don't wanna comment on them right now.

I hold the impression that this version was rushed due to competition which explains why there were so many upgrades since the release.
So the program is good (could be a bit cheaper) but needs improvement in some things.
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